Evelyn Amoros Centeno’s Battle with Breast Cancer

Help Evelyn fight and win her battle against breast cancer.

Help Evelyn fight and win her battle against breast cancer.

Dear Friends,

I am not very good at asking for things for myself, but where it comes to my family, I am all out there and in this instance, I cannot hold back. My youngest Sister Evelyn who has fraternal twins and is married to a wonderful man, David, who is a Police Officer in Massachusetts is about to embark on the greatest fight of her life. Her husband who used to work two jobs will need to leave one job to be at her side during the entire lengthy process of surgery, chemo and the all too expensive treatments in her battle against cancer.

I ask that you please send this link to all of the people you know out there who wish to sponsor her medical treatments. My sister’s family’s plight can be lessened and their burden’s made lighter, if in a show of love and support we band together and contribute anything we can to aid in her struggle. I also ask that you please, please share this link with everyone you know and tell them that Carmen Amoros Goldberg, who does the program on the New York Podcasting Cafe at Blog Talk Radio http://www.BlogTalkRadio.Com/NewYorkPodcastingCafe), needs them to do a small favor and that is that everyone with a heart, please consider sponsoring and sharing this link with everyone they know. We will be posting banners that people can print to bring back to their local churches, pubs, taverns, police associations or any organized group willing to support my sister’s battle.

My sister’s husband David is a police officer and if anyone out there wishes to do so, they can have the New York, Tri-state police associations get in touch with me, or my brother-in-law, David Centeno through the link below, we will be glad to accept whatever contributions are made. The contributions will be accepted through a legitimate system that is set in place by “GIVE FORWARD.” They have a website at GiveForward.Com. Since time is of the essence, I ask that you please visit the link that my sweetest of brothers-in-law has set in place on behalf of my sister. Please read it and begin to contribute and share this link on your pages. I don’t ask for myself, this is my younger sibling. In the natural sequence of things in this life, I should be leaving life first and not my sister.

She has great faith and is a great wife, mother and a woman of prayer and in faith we will all stand together with her in her hour of need.

Thank you for all you can do in support of my Sister Evelyn Centeno’s struggle with breast cancer.



Thomas F. Pendergast, Publisher

Thomas F. Pendergast, Publisher

My former boss from our Associated Press days, Thomas F. Pendergast.  May you rest in peace dear Tom. 


WINNSBORO, Texas — Thomas F. Pendergast, who ran a small town East Texas newspaper following a nearly 30-year career with The Associated Press, has died. He was 81.

His daughter, Meredith Ann Pendergast Simpson, says he died Aug. 14 at Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler… CLICK TO READ ON

Interview with International Tenor Andy Cooney “Irish America’s Favorite Son”

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We have a very delightful interview presentation for you tonight. Internationally acclaimed Tenor Andy Cooney will be talking a bit about his music on my program, about his sold out concerts, his duets with American legends Larry Gatlin and Crystal Gayle and a myriad of other international artists.

A super humble, philanthropist who uses his voice for great causes, Andy will also be talking about his new music CD being produced by the GREAT Phil Coulter in Ireland and yes, he gives insight on the fact that as an artist it has not always been an easy climb to the top of his career.

In Andy Cooney, every artist and fan will find a friend, confident who speaks earnestly and candidly about his music, with grace and humor. You’re GOING TO LOVE THIS INTERVIEW. Please tune in. If you are unable too hear live On Air (remember the interview listener base may max out because it is on a server), you WILL be able to download it to your PC, iPad, iPhone or listening device 10 minutes after the LIVE interview ends. Share this interview with friends. Get yourself some some ice coffee or a cool drink, sit down and join us!

Interview with Tenor Andy Cooney Irish America’s Favorite Son, tonight 8:00 pm! Listen tonight or download later! http://lnkd.in/SM8-Xf

Please accept my sincerest and deepest thank you for tuning in and saying ‘Hi’ to Andy and tell him how much you loved the interview!

Thank you again and God bless you all!

Visit Andy Cooney’s website at: http://www.AndyCooney.Com

Posted by Carmen Amoros


Carrion for New York City Mayor 2013


Carrion for New York City Mayor.  Spread the word about Carrion 2013 http://carrion2013.nationbuilder.com/?recruiter_id=20792 via Adolfo Carrion

LIKE the PAGE on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AdolfoCarrionNYC?directed_target_id=0

An Important Fact: Men Mattered, Men Still Matter and Men Will Continue to Matter

It is sad to listen to conversations women have with each other on trains, buses and even in after meetings in boardrooms.  It seems that men, maleness, and fatherhood have been under siege in American culture for decades. Sadly the feminist movement somehow veered off course from its original aim of helping women achieve equality and ended up making enemies of men.  I am a woman, but the fact is that I have noticed the practice of male bashing and husband bashing and it is like a cancer that is happening even in places where you would expect that people would uphold each other.  I heard a writer say that men are great!  I wholeheartedly agree.

Empower your man by encouraging him to do better, don’t show off if you earn more money than he does, or have a higher education than he does.  Help others to see men as your most valuable asset and your greatest form of protection. If you are a female boss, don’t let feminist prejudices cloud your judgement.  You can hire great men who can be equally as loyal if not more loyal to you, at times, than some women. 

If you are a wife don’t reduce your husband’s standing publicly with demeaning public arguments that embarrass him.  If you wish to get the same treatment in return and be treated badly, then knock yourself out and continue your pattern of reckless endangerment to your relationships with men or the man in your life.  To women who feel that because they have achieved success, are empowered and feel they no longer need male moral support, I say think again!!!  History shows that it has also been because of great men who also walked alongside of women during the civil rights movements (yes there were great men who fought for women’s rights – Men’s League for Women’s Suffrage was a society formed in 1907 by the left-wing writers Henry Brailsford, Max Eastman, Laurence Housman, Henry Nevinson and others to pursue women’s suffrage), that women have actually become more empowered in our society.

Before the women’s rights movement was a thought in anybody’s imagination, men were the builders of empires, the warriors who protected nations, the heads of households and the dedicated bread winners.

Men still say and do great and caring things for others in society and I love this quote:  “I learned the lesson that great men cultivate love, and that only little men cherish a spirit of hatred.  I learned that assistance given to the weak makes the one who gives it strong, and that oppression of the unfortunate makes one weak.”  Who said that?  A GREAT man named Booker T. Washington.

I feel that while women need to retain their rights in this world, as women we need to walk a delicate balance in not making enemies of the men who ultimately become their husbands, their bosses and the fathers of children who need strong empowered father figures.  Just because women need to protect their civil rights, it should not mean that men are now useless to us.  In honor to those men who fought for women’s freedoms in our country and in countries all over the world, I believe it is important to remember how important men were and still remain in our lives and in society as a whole.  Ladies with male children especially, need to remember that their boys will grow up to be men and that opportunity, respect and honor is a dream that they would wish for their male children. A male or female child, should never be brought into marital discord. Children should not be privy to disagreements or things that go wrong in relationships. I believe this is an important observation and that we must all try to remember that men MATTER and that in spite of female empowerment in this world which continues to develop and perhaps require more improvement, yes, men do matter and that yes, MEN ARE GREAT!

Sadly, there will be women who will hate men for some reasons or others and I suppose one cannot expect to change feelings and emotions and points of views about men, but one man who has hurt you, or two or three does not necessarily dictate that all men are the same. It’s unfair to draw conclusions about all men, because of something that went awry in a private or personal situation.

I appeal to my sisters in life, my lady friends, colleagues, professional friends and the wives and mothers who talk down to their husbands in public, as if they they are owed much (thank heaven’s I don’t know any personally, other than hearing observations and discussions in public places about female contempt for men), whether you are the female deacon of your church, female pastor, female co-pastor, a female church council district leader, the female CEO of a large corporation, or just a stay-at-home mother, several people in your life whom you love are clearly bound to be men, especially your sons (whom you want loved and respected throughout their lives by both women and men), to be mindful of never diminishing what men represent to you in life by exacting prejudices upon them, about their father and by trashing their father in their eyes, no matter what happens in your relationship with their father. Your sons are watching and your daughters are too and they are not just hearing what you say, they will do as you do. Your sons may learn to mistrust women and fear them. Your daughters may learn to dislike, if not, hate men.

Don’t rear a daughter to dislike men, due to some bitter situation or breakdown in a relationship with a husband, male friend or boss and if you love your husband, your fathers, your brothers and male friends or your male bosses, male pastors, leaders and colleagues. Remember that men still continue to play highly important roles and hold special places in our lives and (as has been in my experience) men, can be, not just our protectors and champions, they can be our greatest admirers and supporters and people who also protect our interests and our rights. There is still nothing wrong with a strong, empowered woman getting a helping hand from her husband, brothers, colleagues or her male friends.  Honor all of the men in your lives and someone, someday, down the road will honor your sons and their sons too!

In the end a powerful woman’s greatest weapon, may be the man quietly standing by her who knows she is honorable and loving and extends honor, respect and love to others. He will be the one sticking his neck out to defend her, whether it is expected or not. In life, we get what we give. If we grant love and respect, it will often be reciprocated.

This article was inspired by a conversation with one of the GREATEST male mentors, supporters and friends of all times. He is humble and would not wish to feel singled out in public and shall remain nameless, but I extend a hearty thank you for sharing his personal feelings and views with me on this highly delicate subject. You deserve a pedestal, a title, riches and more for your friendship has been a priceless treasure to me. Thank you my great friend.

Carmen Amoros Goldberg Hosts her own radio program. Visit and tune in at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.Com/NewYorkPodcastingCafe

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Don Flanagan: Reflections of US Navy Hero Turned Musician 05/23 by Carmen Amoros | Blog Talk Radio

Interview US Navy Hero turned Musician

Interview US Navy Hero turned Musician

Don Flanagan: Reflections of US Navy Hero Turned Musician 05/23 by Carmen Amoros | Blog Talk Radio.

Carmen Amoros Host of the New York Podcasting Cafe Interviews US Navy hero turned musician Don Flanagan.

Don Flanagan is a Singer/Songwriter born and reared in Cleveland, Ohio, by a single father, Donald Flanagan served 5 years in the Navy, from 1982, to 1987. He is a former guitar player for The Christian Heirs, as well as former singer, and songwriter for Voices In The Wilderness. Don studied Mechanical Design at Lorain County Community College, and worked as a Materials Analyst, Sous Chef, and Truck Driver.

His previous Albums include “Your Not Alone”, with Phyllis Ricker, 1990, “Welcome To The Party”, with Voices In The Wilderness, 1992. After an 14 year hiatus from organized music, in which he got married, and subsequently divorced, he returned to music, playing locally in 2006, and by 2010, released a self-recorded album called “A Soul Of Many Shades”. It was followed up by “Echoes From The Attic” in 2012. After the release of “Echoes From The Attic”, health issues began to take their toll, and so a final 6 song album called “Cheyenne’s In Wyoming” was released in 2013, which was meant as a farewell to his lifelong music adventure, as well as a reflection on his life. This episode features two commercials, the Don Flanagan Interview, four of the songs, a newspaper clipping featuring the Captain of the USS Coontz.

To reach Don Flanagan visit his Official Website: Http://www.ReverbNation.Com/DonFlanagan

Esther Portalatin – “Depression: Stealer of Joy” on the New York Podcasting Cafe on Blog Talk Radio

Esther Portalatin was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is the mother of two beautiful teenage girls. Esther was an educator for over 20 years and is currently a Lecturer/Resource Specialist with LIU/ NYC Parent Academy. She received her Master’s degree from Brooklyn College in Bilingual Education. She wrote her first fictional novel, “A Life Worth Living” release about a year and a half ago. She has another two books coming out in print – “Life is a Gift”, which will be out in June and “The Touch Of His Hand” will be out in July 2013.

Esther has been through a lot in life, but her faith in God never swayed. She has family, friends and God, who have supported her during the hardest of times. On this episode of the New York Pod Cafe, Esther shares just a little of her life story and her bout with depression. She also answers questions about her book. You can continue to learn about her many life experiences in her upcoming books. Although she’s a fictional writer, the experiences that Esther has gone through can be felt in the main characters in her books. CLICK TO HEAR THE NEW YORK PODCASTING CAFE INTERVIEW

Depression Stealer –