Esther Portalatin – “Depression: Stealer of Joy” on the New York Podcasting Cafe on Blog Talk Radio

Esther Portalatin was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is the mother of two beautiful teenage girls. Esther was an educator for over 20 years and is currently a Lecturer/Resource Specialist with LIU/ NYC Parent Academy. She received her Master’s degree from Brooklyn College in Bilingual Education. She wrote her first fictional novel, “A Life Worth Living” release about a year and a half ago. She has another two books coming out in print – “Life is a Gift”, which will be out in June and “The Touch Of His Hand” will be out in July 2013.

Esther has been through a lot in life, but her faith in God never swayed. She has family, friends and God, who have supported her during the hardest of times. On this episode of the New York Pod Cafe, Esther shares just a little of her life story and her bout with depression. She also answers questions about her book. You can continue to learn about her many life experiences in her upcoming books. Although she’s a fictional writer, the experiences that Esther has gone through can be felt in the main characters in her books. CLICK TO HEAR THE NEW YORK PODCASTING CAFE INTERVIEW

Depression Stealer –

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One response to “Esther Portalatin – “Depression: Stealer of Joy” on the New York Podcasting Cafe on Blog Talk Radio

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